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South Russian oil refinery

Russian modern developing oil refinery, located in Volgograd oblast

Professional fields

South-russian oil refinery is a combination of feed acceptance and processing facilities and objects for collection, storing and shipping of our products.

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What is a modern oil refinery?

The industrial engineering complex of auxiliary services and objects includes repair facility, treatment plants, water wells, thermal power station, analytical control laboratory, administrative and common complex which provides smooth and troubleproof everyday refinery's operation.

What does the refinery consist of?

The factory has a combination of several major industrial units which make its structure:
- Access railway track with an overpass for oil discharge and oil product loading.
- Oil tank park for petroleum feed and oil product storage.
- Main techological unit UPN 250
- techological pump units
- car overpass for oil product loading
- auxiliary units - laboratory, boiler room, fire station for 2 vehicles,
automatic pumping fire station with 2 storage tanks, factory management
building with amenity rooms, artesian wells, treatment plants, etc.

Enviromental Care

Care about the enviroment on the factory is an everyday work, aimed at complying with the enviromental safety standards which meet the highest domestic and global requirements.

Ecological department of our oil refinery, using our specialized laboratory is constantly monitoring the ecological state of the enviroment, ground and wastewaters.