Heavy hydrocarbon fraction

According to its characteristics and properties, the fraction is close to solvents based on gasoline fractions; it is transparent in color; when wetted, it slightly has an oily imprint that evaporates later.

It is used for further processing at oil refineries to produce various types of fuel

Low-viscosity marine fuel

With a flash point of at least 61 ° C, with a sulfur content of not more than 0.7% of the mass. It is used for bunkering ships as a component of naval fuel oil F 5.

Petroleum kerosene fraction

Has a pour point of no higher than minus 30 ° C and can be used, in design ratios, as a component of diesel fuel of brand “L”, low-viscosity marine fuel to lower the pour point of a fraction, and also as a component of diesel fuel of brands “Z”, “A”.

Fuel oil

Low ash grades M40, M100 are used as boiler fuel, as a component of naval fuel oil F 5.

Direct injection export petrol

Fractional composition of direct injection petrol, in agreement with the customer (under the contract), can be produced with CC 181 ° C.

Hydrocarbon solvent

Used to dilute paints, degrease various surfaces, including and tissues. PET containers 0.95 and 4.75 dm3, shipment by road is possible.